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Health care jobs- stable and socially responsible, helping communities and individuals live better lives

Health Care Consulting

Health care consulting is becoming more a more important factor than it once once to health the health care system lower costs and achieve a better service of care. Health care management consultants can be found in major consulting firms



Health Care Jobs on Solpower jobs will help you find quality health care jobs and explore all  medical jobs, hospital jobs, and nursing job opportunities.. Use this site to find health care jobs including local health care jobs and to explore health care careers and all medical jobs. Find Health Care Job Descriptions under Types of Health Care Jobs. Health care consulting is becoming more a more important factor than it once once to health the health care system lower costs and achieve a better service of care. Health care management consultants can be found in major consulting firms

You will find health care jobs recruiting information and resources that you can use to explore the health care industry. Use the list of types of health care jobs to see job options in the growing health care jobs industry


Many of the fastest growing health care jobs are concentrated in the health services field and 19% of health care job growth from 2004 - 2014 will be in health services. Factors adding to continued growth in this industry include the aging baby-boomer generation, they will continue to require more services, and the increased use of innovative medical technology for intensive diagnosis and treatment. The effect of the increasing proportion of the elderly is already being felt


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nine health care job occupations of the 20 occupations with the fastest employment growth are medical jobs. By the year 2014 health services employment is projected to increase dramatically with over 4,700,000 NEW HEALTH CARE JOBS. The increased demand for health care services, fed by the growing proportion of elderly in the population is expected to continue for a full 50 years! All health care jobs are in demand.

This career center will help you explore health care services occupations and assist you with locating actual health care job vacancies.


Opportunities in health care jobs are not limited to people with a nursing or medical degree. Health care institutions need many directors, human resource personal, accountants, personnel specialists, attorneys, network programmers, computer specialists, engineers, clerks, secretaries, and food service professionals. Employment growth in the health care industry offers a large range of opportunities for workers looking for a socially responsible job.  Socially responsible jobs including health care jobs offer a high level of job satisfaction because workers can see and feel that they make a difference


''The health care industry includes establishments ranging from small-town private practices of physicians who employ only one medical assistant to busy inner-city hospitals that provide thousands of diverse jobs. In 2006, almost half of non-hospital health care establishments employed fewer than five workers (chart 1). By contrast, 7 out of 10 hospital employees were in establishments with more than 1,000 workers (chart 2)''

source www.bls.gov

Percent Distribution

Industry segment Employment Establishments


100.0 100.0

Ambulatory health care services

42.2 87.1

Offices of physicians

17.1 36.7

Home health care services

6.9 3.3

Offices of dentists

6.3 20.7

Offices of other health practitioners

4.6 19.3

Outpatient care centers

3.9 3.4

Other ambulatory health care services

1.7 1.4

Medical and diagnostic laboratories

1.6 2.3




34.8 1.3

General medical and surgical hospitals

32.8 1.0

Other hospitals

1.3 0.2

Psychiatric and substance abuse hospitals

0.8 0.1



Nursing and residential care facilities

23.0 11.5

Nursing care facilities

12.6 2.8

Community care facilities for the elderly

5.0 3.4

Residential mental health facilities

4.0 4.1

Other residential care facilities

1.3 1.1

Source www.bls.gov

Heath Care Careers Guides


ExploreHealthCareers.org -a collaboration between several associations and organizations in health care

Education, Careers, and Outreach in Toxicology and Environmental Health Prepared by the National Library of Medicine, this is a collection of resources on toxicology and environmental health for anyone interested in careers in these fields.

Medical Career Info- careers that only require education / training beyond a 2-year degree, which makes this a good list for some who are considering this field but are unsure of how much they'd like to invest in or who are considering career changes that do not require a major investment in a bachelors or masters degree.

NIH Virtual Career Center -information on careers in healthcare & medicine, employment resources, and financial aid and funding resources for persons interested in pursuing a career in medicine or a related field. I'm sorry to say that much of this site is no longer being maintained, but some pages are getting updated (date at the bottom of each page).

Orthotics and Prosthetics- Biology meets engineering and artistry in this growing career field. Learn more about this field from the American Academy of Orthotists & Prosthetists.

Health Care Jobs, Medical Jobs, Hospital Jobs, Nursing Jobs, Types of Health Care Jobs


Cardiovascular Technician
Dental Assistant
Emergency Medical Technician
Home Health Aide
Laboratory Technician
Medical Assistant

Nursing jobs
Occupational Therapist
Pharmacy Technician
Physical Therapist
Physician and Surgeon
Physician Assistant
Practical Nurse
Radiologic Technician
Recreational Therapist
Registered Nurse
Respiratory Therapist
Social Worker
Speech-Language Pathologist
Surgical Technologist

Healthcare Operations Consulting

Healthcare Operation Analytics



Healthcare management Jobs

are in field such as:

  • Finance
  • Government relations
  • Human resources
  • Information systems
  • Marketing and public affairs
  • Material management (purchasing of equipment and supplies)
  • Medical staff relations
  • Nursing administration
  • Patient care services
  • Planning and development


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Health care executives jobs

are available in these areas

  • Clinics
  • Consulting firms
  • Health insurance organizations
  • Healthcare associations
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing homes
  • Physician practices
  • Mental health organizations
  • Public health departments
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Skilled nursing facilities
  • Universities and research institutions